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The irrigation design software offers a wide range of functions to design large and complex irrigation systems quickly, easily, and accurately.

WCADI enables users to create projects with the contours of the desired terrain obtained through Google Earth (.kmz files).

With the help of program calculations, users receive laterals and valves for each zone and block of the selected terrain. All the calculation results are available in details for the users.

While using WCADI, users can access hydraulic design reports, system pressure calculations, quantity reports (bills of materials), and other essential details.


For almost 40 years, WCADI irrigation design software has been in use for agricultural applications all around the world.

In 2021, our client Rivulis, the global leader in irrigation systems, acquired WCADI.

Given its long history as a legacy solution, WCADI requires ongoing support for existing functionalities and the implementation of new features.

This is where our work begins.


We refine the Legacy solution on Visual Basic 6.

Our primary focus was on fixing the existing functionality: we fixed issues with the display of blocks and zones of the terrain, resolved incorrect laterals calculations, developed the calculations and data analysis for reports and Excel spreadsheets, corrected the display of colors during the execution of specific functions, upgraded from WebBrowser to WebView2, and more.

Besides the fixing of existing functionality, we optimize and refactor the code, as well as adapt the system to work with the new Windows versions.


Although our work on the project continues, we have successfully fixed and improved the extensive existing codebase and numerous system functions, ensuring their smooth operation.

The main WCADI’s features now function correctly and the long-standing tech stack became more optimized.

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