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Frontend part of warehouse optimizing web application with a specific functionality for workers.


Inventory and warehouse operations can be a big challenge when proper optimization solutions are not involved. That is why our client’s goal was to develop a system that would allow greatly facilitate the workers’ everyday tasks and control the warehouse working processes.

The task of our team was to develop the frontend part of the picking and putting-away optimizer for workers as a part of the Spider system.


Using Vue.js, we implemented the application’s frontend part for the super important working flows of the warehousing – picking and putting-away of the goods. Corresponding modes incrementally guide the workers on this or that working stage: for example, how and where to pack the goods, what should be the weight and amount, etc.

Every detail is taken into account so that even inexperienced workers can understand. The appropriate data coming from the backend and correspond to the real availability and information about a particular product. Also, the application’s frontend part was adapted for a specific device which will be used in the warehouse – kiosk.


We got a really useful solution that is a great optimizer for the warehouse day-to-day processes. The workers can get all the needed info on this or that good and how it should be packed just by scanning the bar code.

The efficiency of work processes can be significantly improved and optimized with the introduction of the developed application.
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