My Rocks





Android application that allows setting up and editing interactive live wallpapers.


The project’s idea was to implement an application, which would allow users to create high quality live wallpapers in certain style.

The wallpapers should look like  a jar with rocks inside. Users will get an ability to edit the jar and customize it as they wish. The goal was an excellent graphics with like-real effects.


It was decided to use Unity scene. Different effects have been added to make the wallpaper more colorful and livelier.

The key point is the functionality for wallpaper’s elements editing. The user can change the background, add their own pictures from the gallery, use the camera to instantly add photos to the wallpaper, add effects to images, set different position, apply sound effects, add reminders that will appear on certain item, etc.

In other words, our aim was the app where everyone can show their imagination and set their own completely unique wallpaper.


On average, people spend 3-5 hours a day using a smartphone. Now My Rocks users can see something unusual every time they unlock their smartphones. Something that they created themselves and that pleases their eyes.

Different effects and customization functions perfectly complement the overall look of creative wallpapers. With My Rocks, the backgrounds will never be boring.
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