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ChordIQ is a music-based mobile game designed to make learning notes, guitar, and piano chords fun and interactive.


What could be better than being able to learn music anytime, anywhere?

Our customer envisioned an application where users could learn various aspects of music in an interactive and modern manner.

The app should be similar to a real music lesson, allowing users to listen and try playing the music themselves.


We focused our development on creating versions of the application for both Android and iOS platforms. The task involves developing the product using the cross-platform framework – Xamarin.Forms.

We developed numerous features to facilitate comfortable music learning, including studying musical notation, learning chords, playing, listening, and performing various tasks to help assimilate the information.

Special attention was given to sound quality, as it is the most crucial aspect of this type of application. Additionally, we ensured the app was fast and enjoyable to use, with a user interface that was simple enough for even little kids.


We developed a highly functional app that is perfect for anyone looking to learn music. We focused on functions such as learning notes, guitar and piano chords, intervals, ear training, and more.

The ChordIQ App also features a World Chart, which allows users to compare their progress to other fellow ChordIQ players from all across the world.

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