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A WEB application with the ability to monitor and manage irrigation controllers.


The high increment rate of human population brings the necessity of efficient utilization of world resources.

One way to achieve this is by providing plants with the optimal amount of water at the right time, which can be done by integrating agricultural technologies.

Our client aimed to develop a solution that could provide the ability to control and automate the irrigation process based on the use of appropriate irrigation controllers.


We developed a web application that enables detailed management of the irrigation system. The solution is based on Talgil controllers, which interact with the app’s server to execute the specified operations.

With this application, users can add and manage irrigation controllers, create irrigation plans, and automate irrigation schedules.

The last feature is incredibly useful: it automatically creates a water supply schedule based on the desired irrigation period, the amount of water needed, and the power cost. This ensures the most efficient use of water and power.

In addition, the app provides the possibility to manage all the irrigation details such as lines, valves, machines, and water sources while creating irrigation planning. Besides that, we took care of such functions as adding users to the system, checking and managing controllers’ logs, and managing fertilization.


We developed a smart solution for modern irrigation. Managing irrigation controllers, planning of irrigation, and getting optimized irrigation schedules – all these are available with the current system.

The application was implemented with careful consideration of all details, including the amount of water and power cost.

We believe that our implemented approach will significantly automate and optimize the irrigation process.

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