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Ability to control different IoT devices through mobile phone.


Our customer provides software for Internet of Things and Machine-to-machine (M2M) networks. Nowadays, these products are very popular and widely used. Ways to control such devices are also different.

Our goal was to implement the ability to fully control a wide range of IoT devices directly through a mobile phone.


We developed the application for the Axon platform. All the attention was paid to necessary detailed functionality for each of the devices.

We carefully thought through every function of one or the other solution and fully worked different regimes of some devices. Here are some points which we mostly focused on:

  • easy accessing to the device;
  • turning on the device if motion is detected;
  • controlling the “turn on/off” based on user’s location;
  • monitoring of energy consumption.


We got a multifunctional and user-friendly app for convenient controlling of IoT solutions. It allows users to monitor and control their smart homes directly from the mobile app.

Greenwave supports wide range of devices such as lights, thermostats, motion sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors, door/window sensors, power strips, wall plugs, etc.
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