Face matching


Internal project

Swift / Python / OpenCV


A mobile application that can identify a celebrity you closely resemble.


Our task was to create a mobile application that compares a user’s photo with celebrity faces and suggests the most similar options. Our inspiration came from an application called Gradient, with our main focus being on its functionality and performance.


The graph learning aspect of the photos, using TensorFlow on the server side, allows for detecting the required similarity.

Users select a photo that they want to interact with. The system then searches for the closest match and identifies a similar celebrity.

Ultimately, we obtain two photos: the user’s photo and the celebrity’s photo. To fully showcase and prove the similarity between the photos, we use the Morphing effect.


We developed an exciting application that is now widely popular. With just a few taps, users can find a famous figure they look like.

The system detects key components of the user’s face to find a highly similar person. To get better face recognition accuracy, the face should be clearly visible.

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