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The product is a multicurrency crypto wallet app that allows users to manage, receive, send, and view a detailed history of transactions.


Cryptocurrencies become so popular nowadays. So, their safe and functional storage is one of the most important thing.

We aimed to create a new wallet application that would be secure and give users opportunity to fully control their crypto.


We developed DLT Wallet application for Android.

Programming language – Kotlin. For data storage we used SQLite database. RX library is used for asynchronous. Dagger 2 library – dependency injection. Retrofit library – API requests.

The wallet provides keeping of Bitcoin, Beam, Ethereum, Infinium-8 and Stellar currencies, as well as ERC20 tokens.

All necessary functions of modern wallet application are included (sending and receiving between users, viewing history of transactions, monitoring users proceeds).


DLT Wallet allows all necessary functions for easy, secure and detailed managing of crypto.

We got an applications that provides its users with an ability to have all necessary information about their finances in one place. Anyone can have an access to the cryptocurrency anywhere via smartphone.

Our team has developed really useful and user-friendly crypto wallet, with a help of which users get all required functions and information just with a tap.
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